KM Core makes its mark in Ukraine

The Ukrainian IT market is getting to grips with a new name since the establishment of KM Core, an international IT holding and investment company with multiple business interests. KM Core has been created out of Kvazar-Micro, a major distribution player in the market. The formation of KM Core is designed to allow the company to enter new market segments.

KM Core hopes to use its new structure to take full advantage of growth markets such as green technology and the transition from selling products to IT services as cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) continue to drive changes in traditional IT solution delivery models.

“These market sectors have a colossal potential for growth,” said Evgeni Utkin, president of KM Core and founder of Kvazar-Micro. “The consequences of the world economic crisis opened a new window of opportunities, equalised the chances of success for both young and established companies, and created new markets for players that are prepared to use new business models.”

Kvazar-Micro was established in 1990 and became a major player in the Ukrainian distribution sector. The company is now embarking on a new stage of development and hopes to make the transition to become a fully fledged IT investment business. While KM Core will retain the distribution and systems integration businesses that Kvazar-Micro was renowned for, it will also aim to become a successful international IT holdings group.

“Here in Ukraine, we have almost no competition and therefore, there are huge opportunities for doing business. We hope that in 5 to 7 years, each of KM Core’s companies will manage to reach a market capitalisation of US$100 million,” said Bohdan Kupych, VP of business development at KM Core. “In the short term, KM Core plans to consolidate its presence in North America, enrich its portfolio with new companies, co-operate with world investment partners and create a venture investment fund.”

KM Core’s operations include KM Disti, which is the main Ukraine-based distribution operation, which has been in business for more than 20 years. KM Core also operates a SaaS development company in the Ukraine under the KM Techno brand. The third business operated by KM Core is KM Ware, a company focused on outsourcing services for software development for clients based in the UK, Europe and CIS region. KM 211 is an operating unit based in Russia that works on the development of integral microcircuit architecture.

KM Core also holds investment stakes in a number of different businesses located in the Ukraine, USA, Canada and Israel.

KM Disti has been adding to its vendor portfolio in recent months. The company struck a deal with Fujitsu to sell the vendor’s laptops in the Ukraine. The deal built on an existing distribution agreement covering Fujitu’s server products. The distributor has also announced tie-ups with both Lacie and Aiptek.

Source: Channel EMEA

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