Latvia is becoming the land of large and reliable data centers in Europe

The largest and most reliable data center infrastructure in Baltics is available in DEAC data centers, located in Latvia. For global IT projects realization in Europe DEAC has to offer: more than 600 racks with megawatts of energy, cloud computing solutions, highly developed IT infrastructure and carrier-neutral fast secure telecommunications. During the next 3 years DEAC is going to open new data centers in Europe with more than 1000 racks capacity, which will turn Latvia into the land of powerful data centers in Europe. Today DEAC appeals companies to pay more attention to the emerging problem of data center capacity shortage immediately and to revise the competitive advantages of Latvian data centers now.

DEAC data centers in Latvia (Baltics states, Europe) are more and more attractive to the different companies from all over the world for racks and server colocation, data administration and data backup. The area of DEAC data centers today is more than 600 racks with good power capacity in megawatts, fast secure carrier-neutral internet connectivity in Gbit/s available. The perspective to use DEAC data centers for global IT projects is a reliable long-term investment. Also geographical location between East and West is very beneficial. Direct telecommunication channels to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk and other cities in Europe and CIS countries connect large and medium business across the region. “We are planning to launch new large data centers during the next 3 years with capacity more than 1000 racks to improve our efficiency, I’m sure, Latvia will become a powerful data center land in Europe during next 3 years!” says A.Gailitis. Now DEAC has more than 300 customers outside the Baltics, more than two thirds of them are from Russia.

The newest IT technology that Gartner has called the TOP 1 technology of 2010 – cloud computing – is now implemented also in DEAC data centers. This technology provides the opportunity through secure internet channels to rent IT solutions, which are serviced by a high level of certified professional team 24/7. What is most important – customized solutions are available within one hour from the contract signing. “IT industry analysts predict that during the next few years, the overall company data amount will grow up to 500%. This means that the cost of IT infrastructure maintenance and servicing will increase as well. Using the remote data storage in the “cloud”, the cost can be reduced by up to 40%,” explains A.Gailitis, mentioning that DEAC also provides large-scale over 50 terabytes data storage solutions.

The analyst firm “Gartner” in its recent report “Data Center Power, Cooling and Space” has said that the increased load will require more space, cooling and power. Gartner 1st November Research reported that nearly half (47 percent) of its survey respondents rank data growth as one of their three largest daily challenges. “It is calculated that by next 4-5 years the gap of data center space will increase. Data center space constraints have already hit London, where the city’s facilities are more than 85% full, resulting in lease costs doubling. IT managers can not underestimate this problem and they need to act immediately to avoid problems in the future,” says DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis.

Source: DEAC

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