Levi9 Ukraine continues its partnerships with European Business Association (EBA) and American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

Levi9 Ukraine, one of the first professional software development and IT outsourcing providers in Ukraine has continued its partnerships with leading non-government, non-profit business organizations operating in Ukraine, namely American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and European Business Association (EBA).

The organizations is among the most active and effective non-profit organizations in Ukraine cumulatively uniting more than 1000 international and domestic organizations from various business sectors and industries. Standing for improving business and investment climate in Ukraine organizations are proactively engaging in state committees, public councils and expert groups to form a collective position of business community and collaborate with the government.

Levi9 Ukraine has been an engaged member of American Chamber of Commerce continuously since 2005 and joined European Business Association (EBA) in 2010. This partnership has brought many positive results to both sides as well as the whole IT industry in Ukraine as Levi9’s proven experience and successful track record operating on international IT market for over 20 years helped to raise the standards of management knowledge and stimulated maturation of industry itself.

Recent example of such cooperation is joining forces on the issue of New Tax Code Reform in Ukraine. Levi9 Ukraine, together with other industry players laid a foundation of the working committee organized by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine to form a collective position of IT business community and actively collaborate with the government over upgrading Tax legislation to improve business climate.

The formed working committee managed to establish close cooperation with the state Tax council to provide the feedback and amendments to the much disputed first draft document.

As a result of this cooperated work and structured approach the following crucial amendments have been added to the Tax code with regards to IT industry:

  • IT companies can book payments for Private Entrepreneurs IT services/work as COST
  • Private Entrepreneurs in IT area can get 100% of its income from just one client
  • Private Entrepreneurs in IT area can fulfill foreign-economic activities
  • VAT interpretation problem for IT service providers was solved

Source: Mirasoft

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