Levi9 Ukraine joins European Business Association (EBA) in Ukraine

The general meeting of the Board of the European Business Association (EBA) has officially accepted Levi9 Ukraine as a full member of association. The role of Levi9 Ukraine as a member of the association is to form (along with other members) collective position for the IT business community on issues of sector development in Ukraine, and facilitate IT sector harmonization and development.

The European Business Association (EBA) was established in 1999 as a forum for discussion and resolution of problems facing the private sector in Ukraine. At present the EBA – the premier organisation for foreign business in Ukraine – brings together over 750 European, including national, and international companies across industry verticals and business sectors.

The EBA was established as a project of the Delegation of the European Commission (EC) in UkraineBeing a non-profit Association, the EBA sees its core mission as representing the interests of European and domestic investors in Ukraine, and improving the investment climate has been the EBA’s major concern since the moment it was founded.

The membership of Levi9 Ukraine to this association will raise the standards of management knowledge in the industry among EBA membership, as Levi9 Ukraine is recognized as one of the oldest professional IT companies in Eastern Europe with track record more than 20+ years. The company has been delivering innovative IT solutions and software development services since 1989 with the aim to help progressive companies from Europe to automate their businesses processes and increase competitiveness.

Today, Levi9 Ukraine is a part of leading European IT service network Levi9 Global Sourcing, with headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands and development centers in Serbia, Romania and Turkey. The company is an active and engaging member of leading non-profit and industry-specific associations in Ukraine, among which are Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association, Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and others.

The company mission is to help its clients to improve their businesses and effectiveness through the effective use of IT. Professional custom application development and product engineering services are the main business of Levi9 Ukraine.

Source: Levi9 Ukraine

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