Levi9 Ukraine is among the oldest IT outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe – CEOOA Webinar – Country Overview Ukraine

Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association a union of national IT and outsourcing associations highlighted Levi9 Ukraine (former Mirasoft) as an oldest Ukrainian IT Outsourcing company in its specific webinar aimed to update a perspective of Ukraine for provision of IT outsourcing services to Western Europe and US.

Levi9 Ukraine has been highlighted as one of the first software development companies in Ukraine. Founded in 1989 by the group of scientists from the Kiev Institute of Cybernetics (leading research institute of the National Academy of Sciences) who subsequently hold top management positions within the company. Being one of the first professional software development centers in the former USSR Mirasoft quickly gained attention from the Western countries and signed its first IT outsourcing contract already in 1990.

Since Ukraine was a major hub of scientific and space industries for Soviet Union and inherited the largest stake of space, rocket and scientific engineering and educational bases, Western countries saw the country as a very attractive place for IT investment and west-oriented centers such as Mirasoft were ideally positioned to service the needs of expanding hi-tech industries in developed countries.

With its first headquarters in Kiev at the facilities of V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, leading research center where the first computer in continental Europe was built the company recruited one of the most talented technical minds in USSR, boasting top-notch scientific background.

With such technical capabilities, engineering knowledge and skilled resources Ukrainian companies differentiated themselves for more complex and large-scale projects. Mirasoft’s positioned itself as an R&D provider of large-scale object-oriented systems (ERP, CRM, XRM) and Rapid Application Development (RAD) platforms.

First Recognition

First software product was completed in 1991 when the company developed Mirapolys – Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform for Swiss software company Miracle AG. The platform was an unique application development environment that allowed the rapid creation and simple modification of different business applications with specific requirements.

Afterwards applications that were built on Mirapolys RAD platform gained a wide recognition and acceptance across countries and industries resulting in Miracle AG was named one of TOP100 Manufacturing Software Firms.

ERP Focus

Several years later with a shift towards Material Requirement Planning in manufacturing and production the need in effective Enterprise Resource Planning arose. As a result Mirasoft directed its efforts in this area and has developed its own ERP-class system Virtuoso and participated in the development of iScala ERP system for the world’s leading provider of ERP solutions Scala Business Solutions.

  • iScala has been installed at the enterprises across 64 countries.
  • Virtuoso has been recognized as a leading ERP solution for mid- and large enterprises in Ukraine and has over 20 applications in various industries both in the Ukraine and abroad (France, Switzerland).

CRM – Swiss Challenge

As a response to the new trend in business world and increased role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Mirasoft embarked on yet another journey in 2000 to develop a CRM/eGov platform for leading Swiss developer Glaux Soft AG. The new program environment featured 3-level architecture based on Microsoft .NET platform and 20 person*years of development work.

As a result the system has been implemented across 150 Swiss Embassies worldwide, Swiss Olympic Association and Federal Department for Capital Flow Control and number of large and mid-size companies across Europe.
More than 50‘000 end users in Europe and 50 Certified Providers using Evidence XP today.

A New Era for Company

After several years of common work and fruitful alliance with Levi9 Global Sourcing – a leading European IT service provider with development and delivery centers across Europe the company accepted an acquisition proposal and became a part of Levi9 Global Sourcing network.

All organization procedures were completed on November 2010 and Mirasoft officially became Levi9 Ukraine. The consolidation has been viewed by many experts as a logical step for both companies as well as their clientele. Since both Levi9 and Mirasoft were committed to provide the best quality service of software development and exercised best practices and methodologies in their services the integration was smooth and harmonious.

Top engineering excellence and deep domain expertise of Mirasoft combined with flexible delivery model and broad European presence of Levi9 enabled the new conglomerate to deliver the most technically complex projects on time and on budget.

In addition, the new conglomerate added an extensive partnership portfolio including Microsoft.

Source: Levi9 Ukraine

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