Levi9 Ukraine turned 21 – great mark for whole industry

The last days of September, which are widely known here in Ukraine as a “golden autumn” have already became traditionally recognizable as symbolical time for Ukrainian IT outsourcing industry. These days the first professional IT outsourcing company in Ukraine celebrates 21 anniversary of its foundation.

The newly re-branded Levi9 Ukraine, formerly known as Mirasoft celebrates its anniversary on September 24. The date which encompasses more than two decades of IT pioneering and spreading the credit of Ukrainian technological capabilities and potential around the world .

Being one of the first professional software development centers in the former USSR the company represented the great potential of Ukraine as a major hub of scientific and space industries for Soviet Union at the international arena. With leading scientists and engineers from the Kiev Institute of Cybernetics on board Levi9 Ukraine quickly gained attention of the Western companies and signed its first IT outsourcing contract already in 1990.

Since that time much progress has been done and the Ukrainian IT outsourcing market has grown to become one of the biggest in the Central and Eastern European region with the market volume ($844 Mln) and most employees involved in the industry (16000). Today, Ukraine considered as the most compelling destination for IT outsourcing services in Eastern Europe and attracts many world’s premier companies. The country boasts of 30,000 IT graduates each year and allocate established IT associations and alliances, namely Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initative and Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association(CEEOA).

Many experts associate Ukraine and its closest neighbor Belarus with the rise of Nearshore outsourcing trend in the region. Being the closest to Europe out of those which not have joined the EU, Ukraine offers very attractive opportunities to the West European companies to explore its IT opportunities, with language and cultural ties, no time-zone differences, legacy of Soviet science, strong educational system and a huge pool of highly-skilled resources. According to acknowledged research agencies, such Global Offshore Associates Limited Ukraine is to be converted in the most arresting IT outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe in next several years.

From this point, Levi9 Ukraine and other established IT outsourcing players have a great chance to continue the mission started 21 years ago by brave enthusiasts and pioneers from the Kiev Institute of Cybernetics who today celebrate their success with friends, partners and colleagues.

Source: Levi9 Ukraine

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