Liveo Real-Estate Platform Launched

Liveo Real-Estate Platform Launched

Liveio ( project was taken over in a non-working state from a Swedish web agency. We implemented the missing parts over the initial code-base and launched the project.

Powered by Symfony 3 on PHP7 and MariaDB.

Liveio is immature for now, but soon will get filled with content by the end-customer and community

Here’s what Liveio say about themselves:

The real estate platform for every need

We don’t like boundaries. We want to include everyone and everything under one roof. Whether your main intention is to buy, sell or rent property – Liveio’s sophisticated real estate network provides you with an instant view of available properties and agents in your area and a vast part of Europe. In a matter of seconds you’ll have all the information you need to take the first and last step towards the perfect real estate deal.

Liveio are specially designed for sellers and prospective buyers to meet. Through Liveio it’s possible to create your own tasteful advertising page that will ensure interest from active buyers. A concept just as beneficial for the private property owner as the professional broker.

Everything under one roof

Source: Kotiq Information Technologies


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