Loyax – a New International Customer Loyalty System Made in Bulgaria

Loyax – a New International Customer Loyalty System Made in Bulgaria

Bulgarian software company Sirma Group Holding has created an international customer loyalty system. The project is called Loyax and it practically develops the group shopping model further, as it not only combines the positive sides of presenting commercial offers by the partners of the program but also includes their clients into individual loyalty programs. The program eliminates the necessity of issuing individually branded customer cards, and it provides the option to accumulate points via one single card which is valid for every participating company (an individual loyalty program). A large number of Bulgarian restaurants, shops and other businesses already use Loyax, and there is interest from Turkey and Brazil too.

Loyax can be used either via a web-based interface, via a QR code and a Loyax card, or simply through a mobile app for smartphones and tablets with the QR code in it. The system allows shops to reward their clients if they frequently buy or use their products or services. It is appropriate for small and medium-sized trade facilities e. g. restaurants, bars and cafes, SPA and wellness facilities, gyms, sports facilities, copy centers, computer stores, etc. The customers who use Loyax can take advantage of different discounts and to stay informed about the new offers or sales in their favorite places to eat out or shop. Registration in the system is free for end users. With each purchase they accumulate points, which can be used as discounts or prizes. Businesses, on the other hand, get the chance to personally inform their patrons about the newest products, services or current discounts via e-mail or text.

The most visible benefit for the businesses that take part in the program is that they get access to infrastructure, software and specialists without the need to invest in all this. Against a monthly subscription, which covers the rent of a device (a terminal) and mobile Internet, the service provides small and medium-sized companies with a way to improve their customer service, both for loyal and new customers, as it creates an additional reason to develop and deepen long-term business-client relationships.

“In recent years the customer loyalty systems market in Bulgaria has been strongly fragmented – a lot of chains and other businesses have their own loyalty cards, and users have to carry a large number of cards if they want to take advantage of all available discounts.

We have created Loyax in order to address the need of a single nation-wide system, which offers both clients and businesses a unified solution in this sphere. The good thing is that we are not only about to make this wish come true, but also to expand the reach of Loyax by turning it into an international platform, since there already is interest from several countries,” said Tsvetan Alexiev, CEO of Sirma Group Holding.

Source: Sirma Group
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