Luxoft Announces Major Extension to Its Agile Development Capabilities

Luxoft, a leading global provider of advanced application and product development services, today announced further enhancements to its Agile development capabilities that enable fast adoption at the enterprise-level. Through ongoing education and methodology enhancements, Luxoft is able to quickly respond to the rapidly growing need for Agile development in the enterprise market.

“Late last year, Gartner predicted that by 2012 Agile development methods would be utilized in 80 percent of all software development projects. We are seeing many enterprise companies starting their agile adoption initiatives, so we fully confirm that this is a shift occurring in the market,” said Stas Kalkanov, Head of Quality Center, Luxoft. “While small-to-mid-sized companies have witnessed vast successes from using an Agile approach, there is now a growing need to apply those same standards to enterprise-level product and software development efforts. Luxoft’s Agile capabilities for large enterprises are unparalleled in the market and our commitment to continuously improving our expertise in this area enables us to position our clients for success.”

The recent extension of Luxoft’s Agile development capabilities and methodologies facilitates the transition of its use in small and mid-sized engagements into the enterprise environment. With the enhanced Agile development expertise, Luxoft is able to offer its clients benefits that include:

  • Business Value Driven Prioritization – Functionality is prioritized and delivered according to business value to the client, enabling a faster realization of benefits and results.
  • Paying for Results Only – Developed functionality is regularly demonstrated to the client and is only accepted when all conditions meet previously outlined benchmarks for project completion.
  • Addressing Project Delivery Risks Quickly – Luxoft’s short delivery cycles and reduced batch complexity enable project risks to be easily revealed and quickly eliminated to meet rapidly changing market demands.
  • Flexibility Without Penalty – Luxoft’s built-in change management approach provides the framework for fast and objective impact assessment and no-fee change control process.
  • Full Client Control of the Project – Operational transparency, combined with early and frequent progress updates, keeps the client in full control of the project. Luxoft also allows clients the ability to change the project scope as needed while maintaining flexibility to finish the project early if market conditions allow.

Luxoft has proven its dedication to helping enterprise clients around the world, including Deutsche Bank, Avaya and Ping Identity, implement sound Agile development practices to help meet critical business goals. To further its expertise in the management and delivery of the latest Agile approaches, Luxoft partnered with distinguished Lean & Agile coach Craig Larman, a renowned expert in scaling Agile and Lean thinking for large and multi-site groups. Through more than five years of successful Agile projects delivery, several Lean, Agile & Scrum coaching sessions and a rigorous Certified Scrum Master courses, Luxoft now boasts more than 50 Certified Scrum Masters and more than 300 Agile practitioners with specialized experience in Agile for enterprise software development, specifically in financial, e-commerce and telecom practices. Agile is also a key area of specialization in several of Luxoft’s development centers globally, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Romania.

Source: Luxoft

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