Luxoft Unveils New Open Source Test Automation Framework for the Enterprise Communications Market

Luxoft Unveils New Open Source Test Automation Framework for the Enterprise Communications Market

Luxoft, a global provider of advanced application and product development services, today unveiled new open source test automation framework developed specifically for the enterprise communications market – Twister.

Luxoft’s Twister platform provides telecom equipment vendors, data system integrators and enterprise data service providers a distributed, comprehensive and open platform to increase their operational productivity, while testing telecommunication of specific devices, such as routers, switches or PBXs.

“Efficient test automation is crucial for achieving higher productivity and reducing recurring development expenses,” said Doru Mardare, Managing Director of Luxoft’s Telecom Services practice. “We found that very few existing solutions could fully address the specific needs of the enterprise communications market, so we decided to develop our own solution. We offer Twister as an open source framework so that every developer in the industry can benefit.”

Luxoft’s Twister is a hybrid solution, offering a compelling blend of an open source platform and fully supported toolset, ensuring developer’s convenience and efficiency. With Twister engineers can start testing and immediately eliminate the delays caused by the need to re-create specific test frameworks for every product launch.

“Our professional development services can further accelerate the time-to-market for products of our clients and, hence, improve their overall efficiency,” Mardare added.

Luxoft’s Twister framework is designed to offer several important benefits for telecom-related businesses:

· Increased Flexibility - Twister delivers an innovative approach to building resilient and adaptable test automation frameworks in the Cloud. This can transform testing into a much more cost-efficient, ongoing and scalable process (service, task). By embracing the community and open platform concepts, Twister advances product development efficiency by making complexity manageable and results – predictable.

· Ease-of-Use – Twister drives considerable savings on training, education and adoption by users. This platform supports TCL, Python and Perl, which are the common scripting languages. Engineers can design and prepare testing scenarios using a preferred scripting language without having to learn new proprietary framework commands, while Twister’s intuitive interface makes the testing suite easy to build, execute, and monitor accurately.

· High Controllability – Users can correct testing scenarios quickly, hence, achieving more precise results. Users can identify customized statistics and see summary, details and historic statistics. Twister supports popular record and play tools, such as, Sikuli, Selenium and TestComplete. Thus, the testing process can be recorded and played against the GUI device prior to final testing.

· Custom Solutions – Luxoft provides customization services to ensure the Twister framework is tailored to meet specific project performance requirements. Customization is accomplished by leveraging two highly efficient methods of enterprise systems development:the use ofopen source software platforms and the utilization of scalable offshore service delivery models.

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