LVEE 2011: Results of the 7th international Conference

On June 30 – July 3, 2011, the “Himik” holiday camp near Grodno, Belarus hosted Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe (LVEE 2011), the 7th annual conference for developers and users of free and open-source software. The event was traditionally sponsored by SaM Solutions and several other IT companies.

This year, the camp located in a national park gathered around 170 users, system administrators and developers of open-source software from Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania and Estonia. The event consisted of a formal section (reports, seminars and short presentations) and an unofficial part filled with nightlife and relaxed communication that allowed the participants to share their first-hand experience and ideas with integration experts and professional developers. Over 30 reports devoted to the use and development of open-source software were presented at the conference. SaM Solutions made a presentation on the topic “SaM Solutions in the Context of Free Software”. A lot of attention at this year’s conference was given to high-load systems: from creating and applying scalable farms and GRID networks to specific aspects of server monitoring and maintenance. Socio-economic aspects were covered by reports on the common approaches to the creation and use of electronic money, starting and growing businesses based on freeware and open-source technologies and their interaction with the community, today’s role of free information and its generation, as well decentralization of social networks. The conference also included a lot more reports accompanied by live demonstrations – from Linux-based media centers to RAW image processing solutions — while a demonstration of free music software and its work with sound equipment ended with an improvised concert that was heartily received by the audience.

Following a successful tradition of short presentations that debuted at LVEE’2010, SaM Solutions made two presentations called “Reliable code in FOSS: a quick and convenient way” and “Evil gobbling itself or Skype purchased by MS”. The discussion of the latest trends in the Unix GUI field also included a more general discussion of recent innovations in graphical shells; the audience discussed the issues of expandability and sharing of ideas and concepts among different GUI’s.

The authors of the best reports received memorable awards from the organizers of the conference and its sponsors. SaM Solutions received a memorial tablet labeled “LVEE and SaM Solutions – 7 years together”, which pinpoints its special role in the event, since SaM Solutions has been its sponsor since 2005. This corporate practice has its reasons – a large fraction of the company’s know-how and product portfolio is based on Linux and other Free/Open Source software projects. For instance, Unix/Linux technologies were used in projects for such major clients as Novell/SUSE and Fujitsu Technology Solutions, and lines of code written by employees of SaM Solutions can be found in such projects as Linux Kernel, Debian GNU/Linux, Alt Linux, Samba, wxWidgets, Ruby and its libraries, and many others.

About SaM Solutions

SaM Solutions is one of the leaders of the IT outsourcing and software development market. 18 years of experience, a broad range of competencies and a DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified quality control system enable the company to develop solutions of any complexity that meet customers’ expectations and use the latest software development technologies.

SaM Solutions has worked for such major internationals as Siemens, Fujitsu and SAP, public organizations, such as the European Patent Office, and mid-sized companies, such as Lexware or azh GmbH.

To date, SaM Solutions has a global pool of over 600 employees in its Germany-based headquarters and offices located in the US, Eastern and Western Europe.

Source: SaM Solutions
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