M2M Evolution

M2M Evolution
Start: October 2, 2012
End: October 5, 2012
Address: Austin, United States
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M2M applications regardless of where they are deployed and as unique as they may be in their specific industry all have a common theme; they are deployed by companies wishing to offer a new product or service or by companies looking to reduce costs. Whether these solutions are tracking people, automobiles, high value cargo, pets, energy usage, or inventory, the objectives remain the same. When you harness the power of intelligent endpoints to capture data and are able to analyze and act upon that data, time becomes an immeasurable and valuable byproduct.

In the Fall Session of M2M Evolution, we bring together experts in transportation, security, health, cold chain, automotive, and safety to discuss the strategies for M2M growth as well as the new business of proactive response centers – people who use M2M technology to buy time and avoid risk. In addition, technology companies that range from wireless carriers, platform companies, and device manufacturers will present and discuss their roles in creating effective technologies and procedures that work to create an ecosystem for actionable data and information. At M2M Evolution, our goal is to create a conference that brings together M2M Technology with the business needs of the deploying enterprise.


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