Make Testing More Agile and Eliminate Excuses

Make Testing More Agile and Eliminate Excuses
Start: May 10, 2016
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Working in QA and testing has never been more challenging. Development is turning out new code faster than ever, and test backlogs just keep piling up. Errors that make it into production then need to be traced and fixed, adding to the backlog.

Discover how test automation, service virtualization, test data management, and release management can help you make your testing more agile — and permanently eliminate the excuses.

You will learn how to avoid these common excuses with the following skills:

  • The dog ate my data: Simplify test data management and increase test coverage.
  • That application was before my time: Automate tests for poorly documented systems.
  • Nobody told me that: Improve test case requirements with visualization.
  • I didn’t have time to test that: Accelerate testing with test automation and open source code.
  • It worked fine on my machine: Use service virtualization to create production-like test environments in minutes.


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