Meet Comarch at the Alliances, Joint Ventures and Partnerships Conference

Meet Comarch at the Alliances, Joint Ventures and Partnerships Conference

Comarch is the official sponsor of the Alliances, Joint Ventures and Partnerships conference organised by the Airline Business magazine. The event will take place on the 24th – 25th September in Istanbul.

The conference covers topics on airline multilateral alliances, joint ventures in the areas of operations and marketing as well as partnerships. The panellists will debate on strategies securing the greatest return on investment in a joint venture as well as discuss the future of such initiatives. The CEOs of the Star Alliance, OneWorld and SkyTeam will shape the development plans for each of the big three intercontinental alliances. As airline partnerships are regulated by the legal landscape, conference speakers will also raise the issue of changes in the regulatory environment. In terms of technology cooperation, benefits from synchronising IT strategy will be presented too.

Every airline delegate is encouraged to request a live application demo show by the industry-specialized Comarch consultants. Interested parties can select a detailed presentation of any of the flagship products for the aviation sector: Comarch Loyalty Management for Airlines, Comarch Smart Analytics, Comarch Campaign Management and Comarch Travel Assistant for Airlines. The full portfolio of products offered to the airline industry is presented in the brochure.

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