Mellon Bulgaria Helps Enhance Customer Experience at the Branch of the Future

Mellon Bulgaria Helps Enhance Customer Experience at the Branch of the Future

UniCredit Bulbank, the biggest bank in Bulgaria in terms of assets, has selected technology solutions integrator Mellon Bulgaria, to design, test and install a state-of-the-art queue management system in the bank’s branch network.

Mellon Bulgaria’s NemoQ Queue Management System was selected after a rigorous evaluation and debuted in the very first concept branch of UniCredit, the Branch of the Future –one of the highest-priority projects of the bank in the CEE region piloting in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The system features advanced ticketing system with touch screen displays that guide visitors to the next available service representative, as well as LCD screens to inform and entertain visitors while waiting. For the tellers, there are special control panels that allow them to interact with the system and update the next customer in queue of their availability, while receptionists guide the clients in the various services using the NemoQ floor walking system in tablets.

The NemoQ Queue Management Platform is the backbone of the system, enabling both branch administrators and central management to have a real-time overview of the waiting situation in every till, service or branch. Also integrated to Mellon’s offering, is the content management system, with which the bank manages the content displayed on the LCD screens along with the current queue status.

“Innovation and customer convenience are at the heart of The Branch of the Future Project. We want to enhance our customers experience at the branch every step of the way, and Mellon’s Queue Management System was ideal for the waiting area, offering customers calm waiting and exact navigation without keeping them standing,” commented Pasquale Giamboi, Head of Retail Banking and Member of the Management Board of UniCredit Bulbank.

“The benefits from deploying such a system will be manifold for both the bank and its clients. With the Queue Management System, UniCredit Bulbank will have unprecedented insight to the operation of each branch which will help them manage waiting times, plan staffing and assess productivity and processes. As a result, customers will enjoy reduced waiting times, faster transactions, and ultimately peace of mind in interacting with their bank branch.” said Panagiotis Vlachos, General Manager, Mellon Bulgaria.

In the second phase of the NemoQ Queue Management System implementation, the system will be integrated with the bank’s electronic channels, so that its customers may book their queue ticket on the internet and over the phone, without the need to be physically present at the branch beforehand. The system intervenes in the local queue operation, ensuring that the electronically booked ticket number is omitted from the locally dispensed tickets, and that the service flow is not interrupted.

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