Melon opens sales office for Western Europe

Melon opens sales office for Western Europe

We are happy to announce that our new business development office in Vienna, Austria, is open for business.

Since a large part of our current projects are with clients from Western Europe, it is only a natural step to shorten the distance to our current and potential clients and welcome them for a talk in the beautiful city of Vienna.

Our new sales office is headed by long-time Melon partner and friend, Emil Tsenov, who formerly held senior marketing positions at LUKOIL Lubricants Europe and OMV and served as Senior Business Intelligence and Strategy manager at Philips.

“We have long been in business with clients from Western Europe and the US and I am excited about the new opportunities this office will reveal for Melon. A key part of our philosophy is establishing friendly, productive communication and becoming an integral part of our clients own team, and I believe the Vienna office will support us in conveying this to potential partners,”

said Melon CEO Krum Hadjigeorgiev.

“And no one is a better fit for heading this office than Emil, who has been an informal Melon evangelist for years now,”

he added.

Mr. Tsenov himself feels he is in the right spot and is already actively meeting with prospective clients.

“I see a great opportunity for development of the business in Austria and the surrounding countries. Melon Inc is uniquely positioned to provide clients with a service that combines extensive experience with top-tier customers, excellent quality of work, and very competitive prices. We are definitely competitive not only in the fields of mobile applications and eLearning but also in custom-made solutions. The key to our success will be to understand a client’s business model and then offer the best and most efficient solution,”

he said.

Source: Melon
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