IBA Launches Metrix

In May 2010, IBA has released the new software product Metrix. Metrix is a multifunctional solution designed to automate metrological activity of production enterprises in compliance with the requirements of the international standards ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001, and the Belarusian standard STB 941.3.

To ensure the quality of its products, a company should use a certified metrological equipment to carry out metrological control of measuring, testing, and automation equipment including verification, calibration, and maintenance on a timely basis.

IBA Metrix is available in two configurations:

Metrix M is intended for small-scale producers that neither have their in-house maintenance service nor a metrologist responsible for metrological certification of all the company’s equipment.

Metrix is intended for producers that have a metrological department and an in-house maintenance service including companies with distributed departments.

The system doesn’t require any special knowledge; the ability to work with Microsoft Word and Excel is enough for using Metrix. The number of concurrent users of the system is not limited.

Belarusian Institute of Metrology recommends using Metrix.

Source: IBA

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