Microsoft Implements Telerik Controls in MSDN, TechNet and CodePlex

Microsoft selected Telerik components for enhancing the UI of several of the most renowned community sites. Microsoft recently implemented RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX on MSDN, TechNet, and CodePlex websites, as well as on the recently launched Live Search Club.

“We are really excited to see our tools used in prominent large-audience applications, as this is the greatest appreciation to their quality and reliability” says Ivo Nedkov, Unit Manager of Telerik ASP.NET division. “Being the vendor of choice for the top community sites like MSDN and Codeplex will greatly stimulate our team to push even harder in the future”.

Microsoft has chosen to implement RadEditor in the Wiki Annotation Editor across the MSDN, TechNet and CodePlex libraries. Telerik’s rich text editor is now used in all Project Discussion pages, becoming the custom inline editor for Community Content to provide great WYSIWYG editing experience. The Editor implementation makes the process of adding formatted content to the discussions more intuitive and versatile. Features include: font choice, font size, font style, bullet points and numbering, indent, outdent, horizontal rule, hyperlinks, spell checking, etc.

Another community site, showcasing Telerik’s RadControls, is Live Search Club, a website featuring games powered by Microsoft Live Search. In this roll-out Microsoft used Telerik RadTabStrip and RadMenu for the site navigation and RadWindow for alerts and dialogs.

Source: Telerik

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