Microsoft In Touch – Hands-on-Labs, a developers’ conference with general sponsor BULPROS

Microsoft In Touch – Hands-on-Labs, a developers’ conference with general sponsor BULPROS

On the 14th and 15th of May Sofia Event Center will be housing Microsoft’s technical conference for developers In Touch with BULPROS as an exclusive partner.

It is part of the Microsoft event platform INDEED (Innovation, Networking, Data, Entrepreneurship).

In Touch is another step in the close collaboration between the two companies. BULPROS is an Azure Circle Partner from the beginning of 2014 which allows the company to design and build flexible solutions for its clients, bases on Microsoft Azure. Additionally, the Bulgarian company is also a Cloud Essentials Partner.

Its hybrid cloud platform, built in partnership with Auxo GmbH is based on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2.

There are over 100 exceptional Microsoft technology specialists currently working at BULPROS. One of them is Branimir Giurov. In October 2013 he became Visual C# Microsoft MVP for a 10th consecutive time. Branko has over 10 years of SharePoint experience and during In Touch he will present his lecture Continuous Integration of SharePoint 2013 Solutions with VS 2013 and Visual Studio Online on the 14th of May at 16:00.

The In Touch conference by itself is a new way to present technologies and to deepen the knowledge developers have by examples of real projects:

  • Structured and thorough presentations which are more like training than separate technological capabilities’ demonstrations.
  • A practical part where the participants can observe how the technology works by themselves.
  • Experience sharing, not just showing-off technologies.
  • Solutions are presented through discussions.
  • Real technological stories revealed, making the conference extremely valuable for developers

There are 3 panels within In Touch. The first one, Dev Trends, is about the latest functionalities in ASP.NET/MVC, Visual Studio, SharePoint, SQL Server and HTML5.

The second one, Architecture in Practice and Dev Lifecycle, will focus on different examples of real systems and reveal what were the architectural challenges and their respective solutions. The focus of this panel is the development, testing and the instruments which are helpful during the implementation and support of a software product.

Modern Apps is the 3rd In Touch panel. Here the participants will learn how to develop a Windows Phone 8 or Windows Store App by taking part in a one-day training for each one of the platforms. Moreover, you can learn more about the characteristics of new applications, as well as helpful tools and good practices in their development.

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