Mikhail Erenburg Delegates Operational Business Management to Andrey Cheremnykh and Will Focus on Strategic Management as a Member of the Board

Mikhail Erenburg Delegates Operational Business Management to Andrey Cheremnykh and Will Focus on Strategic Management as a Member of the Board

Mikhail Erenburg will focus on strategic management of Asteros Group as a member of the Board of Directors. Andrey Cheremnykh, currently Deputy Head of Sales of Asteros will take charge of operational business management.

Starting April 1, 2012 (the beginning of Asteros FY2012), Mikhail Erenburg will refocus on IT group management at the Board level. As a shareholder, he will contribute to strategic management of the Group and its business development.

“A successful top-level executive, Mikhail contributed a lot to our company. Besides bringing new approaches to business and seeing new horizons, he showed us full commitment and readiness to face every possible challenge in everything he did. I am very happy that Mikhail agreed to continue working with us in a new role,” said Yury Byakov, Chairman of the Board, Asteros Group.
Mikhail Erenburg was appointed Group President on June 16, 2009. As the President, his major tasks were securing business growth through increasing the share of IT services, designing a corporate governance system and increasing investment attractiveness of the business.

Over the past three years, Asteros achieved remarkable milestones under Mikhail’s management. Group revenue increased from $ 264 M in FY2009 to over $ 500 M (projected revenue for FY2011). Asteros became the second largest systems integrator in Russia and #1 information security company in Russia according to IDC. Share of IT services in total revenues increased from 40 % to nearly 50 %. Asteros Group entered consulting and business application deployment markets by establishing Asteros Consulting company. With more than 200 experts, Asteros runs strong SAP and Oracle practices today. Asteros Labs, a recipient of grant from Skolkovo Foundation, is in charge of software development within the Group. In 2009, IFC acquired a stake in Asteros confirming its transparency and compliance with Western quality standards.

“Asteros is one of the most promising and fascinating companies in the Russian IT market. I’ve been investing my personal income in company shares all this time, and I’ll be happy to contribute to Group development as a member the Board,” says Mikhail Erenburg, Asteros Board Member.

Andrey Cheremnykh, currently Deputy Head of Sales of Asteros, will be appointed the new President of Asteros Group on April 1, 2012. Andrey Cheremnykh is a top-level business executive. He was the head of the Russian office of SITA, the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology with revenue in excess of $1.5 bn. Later in Asteros, Andrey was in charge of transportation and aviation business development. Over this period of time, Asteros successfully delivered projects for Sochi Airport, Aeroflot Headquarters, Sheremetyevo International Airport and other clients. Asteros holds the first three places in CNews’ ranking of the largest IT infrastructure deployment projects.

In his new role Andrey Cheremnykh will be in charge of overall group business development. In particular, he will focus on strategy design and implementation, new business development and increasing market capitalization of the Group.

“Over three years with Asteros, Andrey Cheremnykh proved to be an exceptional professional, efficient manager and an approachable person. In his new assignment, Andrey will face complex challenges such as sustaining impressive growth of our business,” says Yury Byakov.

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