Ministry of Taxes and Duties Thanks IBA

Ministry of Taxes and Duties Thanks IBA

IBA received a reference from the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus for creation of the automated information system Tax Calculation.

In December 2008, six months after the project start, IBA launched a beta version of the E-Declaration system. In April 2009, the system was launched in commercial operation. The implementation of the system allowed for:

  • Reducing the time of preparing and filing tax statements for taxpayers
  • Improving the quality of the information provided by the taxpayers
  • Increasing the efficiency of taxation bodies.

To date, more than 60 000 taxpayers use the system, and the number of users is constantly growing.

Vladimir Poluyan, Belarusian Minister of Taxes and Duties, says:

“Over the years 2009-2011, IBA maintained the system, including introduction of updates to meet the changes in tax laws and other regulations.

Creation of all the Tax Calculation’s subsystems is completed with fair observance of the project plans and contract terms despite the complicated economic situation in the country. Considering high quality of IBA services and a high competence level of the IBA employees, we express our thanks and hope to continue cooperation with IBA.”

Source: IBA Group

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