Minsk hosted a technology forum “TIBO 2014”

Minsk hosted a technology forum “TIBO 2014”

At the end of April, Minsk hosted a specialized Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies “TIBO 2014”, one of the participants of which was a group of companies “Penki kontinentai”.

At the event, experts of the group presented IT solutions designed for business, discussed with partners opportunities for further cooperation and established new business contacts.

A company “Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos” (BS/2) owned by the group of companies “Penki kontinentai” has been operating in Belarus for nearly two decades. It supplies hardware and software solutions to the Belorussian banking sector through its partners: companies IBA and TUSSON.

Currently, there are about 4 thousand self-service machines (ATMs) in this country. Almost 65 percent of them are equipment of the German manufacturer “Wincor Nixdorf” supplied by BS/2. At “TIBO 2014”, BS/2 introduced to the visitors a product family “.iQ”.

It is a multifunctional complex of solutions that ensures monitoring, management and optimization of business processes, collection and visualization of information important for the analysis of business processes.

According to Director of the Sales Department of BS/2 Paulius Bučelis, particular attention at the forum was paid to “ATMeye.iQ”, solution for the protection and monitoring of self-service machines.

“As the date of the Ice Hockey World Championship that will take place in Belarus in May approaches, both banks and other financial institutions pay great attention to the protection of self-service machines from potential fraud and hacker attacks. Therefore, at the forum, we noticed an increased popularity of the “ATMeye.iQ” solution. This integrated hardware and software solution ensures protection of self-service equipment, i.e. remotely monitors all activities taking place near the machine throughout the day, thereby reducing the risks associated with fraud and vandalism”,

said P. Bučelis.

According to the specialist, interest of financial institutions in “ProView” solution designed for the monitoring and management of self-service systems is also increasing.

“Software complex “ProView” is already successfully used by a number of major banks in Belarus. “ProView” performs a variety of functions, including administration, monitoring and management of a network of self-service machines. This ensures maximum productivity of the network.However, it is worth noting that “ProView” is not limited to the banking sector. In addition to the management of networks of ATMs, information terminals and printers designed to print extracts, the product can be used in other fields as well”,

says P. Bučelis.

A company “ASHBURN International” (“ASHBURN”) owned by the group of companies “Penki kontinentai” introduced to the visitors of the forum its electronic payment, loyalty system and transaction processing management solutions. According to Director of the Business Development Department of “ASHBURN” Dominykas Mertinas, these solutions have great potential in the Belorussian market. “Loyalty programs of traders operating in Belarus are not yet sufficiently developed; therefore, we introduced to the visitors of the forum a versatile solution “PayLo”. It is a payment and loyalty management system oriented towards different business segments, encompassing all stages of loyalty program implementation and maintenance”, explained D. Mertinas.

According to the specialist, a rapidly growing number of retail centers opens up a great number of possibilities for Lithuanian companies in Belarus.

“We introduced visitors of the forum to the modern software package “TransLink.iQ”, which ensures safe and prompt processing of bank transactions. As the trade networks in Belarus expand, the demand for integrated solutions grows. One of the solutions offered by “ASHBURN” is electronic card readers integrated with cash registers, ensuring smoother and more expeditious payment by payment cards”,

said D. Mertinas.

In addition to the above solutions and products, group of companies “Penki kontinentai” invited the visitors of “TIBO 2014” to learn more about a brand of professional IT services “ProfIT”, cloud solutions and Smart house possibilities for offices and residential buildings.

This year, the twenty first “TIBO” forum gathered more than 200 participants from 21 countries, including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Great Britain, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, the USA, Japan, etc.

Source: BS/2

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