Miratech significantly contributed to success of International Conference “Quality Assurance: Management & Technologies“ (QAMT Ukraine 2007)

International Conference “Quality Assurance: Management & Technologies (QAMT Ukraine 2007)“, which was held in Kyiv on November 1-2, 2007, owes a significant part of its success to Miratech.

QAMT Ukraine 2007 became the first Ukrainian international conference in the area of quality, testing and security of software, QA outsourcing, modern QA management and QA technologies, as well as other related aspects of international cooperation in Ukraine, Russia, CIS countries, Europe and the US.

The Conference was organized by the Software Quality Centre AlphATesT, Ukraine. Starting from the stage of idea of the Conference, Miratech has been actively involved in its organization and carrying out thanks to proactive work of Miratech employees in the IT Ukraine Association, which acted as an official partner of the Conference, and the Software Quality Centre AlphATesT. The traditionally high emphasis on quality assurance issues in Miratech and equally high level of maturity of the respective processes became a subject of professional interest of many participants of the Conference.

An inspiring Welcome Address and wishes of further positive developments of quality assurance in Ukraine came on the first day of the event from President of the IT Ukraine Association and President of Miratech Dr. Nikolay Royenko.

At the Conference, a wide range of companies from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the UK, Denmark and the US were represented by presentations. Also, the following companies took part: IBIS (Integrated Business Information Systems), Team International, ETC BetterSoftware, CyberQ, Ciklum, Original Software, Atlassian Software, AVS Alzinger & Vogel Softwareentwicklungs GmbH, BugHuntress, Yukon Software, Eleks Software, Infopulse Ukraine, BMS Consulting, Lohika Systems, International Software & Productivity Engineering Institute, Research Institute of Applied Information Technologies and a number of other IT companies. Representatives of a number of banks and telecommunication companies, suppliers of software for automation of software testing, protection of software and representative of investors in the field of quality assurance outsourcing were attending the event.

The other official partners of the Conference were the US-based professional Associations, the Global Association for Software Quality and the World Congress for Software Quality. The official informational partners of the Conference were the leading mass media of Ukraine in the IT area, Computer World/Ukraine, Korporativnyye Sistemy (Corporate Systems), Director Informatsionnoy Slughby (Director of IT Service) and PC World.

The Conference was full of reports and presentations by top managers and experts of leading international and Ukrainian IT companies, vendors of tools and technologies for automation of testing, developers and consumers of applied software. Besides, some reports devoted to the process of error correction in long-term projects and the process of CMMI certification on the basis of a number of real projects were presented. Thus, the range of presentations included all aspects of current importance in the quality assurance area.

Thanks to this, the results of the QAMT Ukraine 2007 Conference surpassed all initial expectations of both its organizers its participants. As many as 12 major companies were represented at the Conference, including the two Ukrainian IT Institutes, the INTSPEI (International Software & Productivity Engineering Institute) and the Scientific and Research Institute of Applied Software, based in all the leading IT centers of Ukraine – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Chernivtsi. Each of the ten main presentations at the Conference’s plenary sessions was accompanied by long-term and fruitful discussions and opinion exchange between the participants.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere of the event, QA professionals were enriched each other with a powerful charge of positive emotions, new insights and issues for reflections. Al the participants unanimously proposed to hold the Conference at a regular basis twice a year, in spring and fall, under the names QAMT Spring и QAMT Autumn, respectively, and make them traditional events.

The Conference saw the announcement of the launch of activities of a SPIN community in Ukraine, which became 122nd in the world. The participants of the Conference supported activities of the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) and recommended their respective employees to undertake a certification test.

Undoubtedly, the Conference has made a notable contribution to improving of the image of Ukraine and Ukrainian IT companies in the international market, exchange of experience between providers and consumers of QA services, establishing direct partnership between Ukrainian businessmen and foreign customers of IT services and software development.

Miratech is planning to pursue its activities on QAMT Conferences.

Source: Miratech

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