Miratech presents solutions for banks and financial sector at the International Conference “Banking Systems & Networks”

Valeriy Kutsyy, Chief Executive Officer of Miratech, delivers the report “Success Story: Services on Complex Administration of Cards and Payments” at the Conference “Banking Systems & Networks” in Yalta.

When continuing to expand the cooperation with the financial sector of Ukraine and building up its potential in the development and deployment of business applications for banks, Miratech offers solutions of complex administration of banks and cards, tested in the West, for the markets of Ukraine. The recent 15th Forum “Banking Systems & Networks” has become another step towards establishing cooperation with clients. This Forum gathered 400 specialists of 200 companies from 12 countries.

The yearly Conferences “Banking Systems & Networks” traditionally held in Yalta in June, have established itself as a venue for high-profile gatherings for IT specialists of banks from the Commonwealth of Independent Countries (CIS) and Eastern Europe with suppliers of industry’s solutions, high end hardware, software, and telecommunication complexes as well as security solutions. This year the Forum, organized by the National Bank of Ukraine, was held at the “Yalta Intourist” hotel complex from June 15 through June 21.

This Forum is one of the most visited events in the industry throughout the CIS. Held on the eve of the vacation season, the Conference reviews the results of developments in the banking sectors of the CIS during a year and offers the floor to the best IT companies. So the level of solutions offered and reports delivered has traditionally been very high.

The year 2008 has not turned out to be an exception, as some 400 representatives of bank institutions, companies and suppliers of solutions for the industry, from Ukraine and Russia, as well as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Tajikistan, the UK, and the US, arrived to attend.

The following subjects became the major topics of the Conference: bank automation systems, development of payment systems, IT management issues, provision of information security and telecommunications in the banking sphere. More than 40 reports were delivered at plenary sessions of the Forum and more than 20 reports were presented at a number round tables and stands of companies.

An active contribution by Miratech, as a full-pledged Member of EDB Group of Companies, becomes one more tradition of the Conference. Possessing a great deal of potential in the development and deployment of high end bank solutions, Miratech strives to further expand its cooperation with financial institutions of the CIS.

The latter was one of the key theses in the report entitled “Success Story: Services on Complex Administration of Cards and Payments” delivered by Valeriy Kutsyy, Chief Executive Officer of Miratech. Having analyzed present-day trends in the market, V. Kutsyy presented the conceptually new opportunities in the field of administration of cards and payments, with some dozens of relevant projects successfully delivered for banks of Northern and Western Europe taken as examples. The complex solution so presented can cover the whole chain of business processes of a financial structure, starting from issuing and processing of cards to provision of added and optional services, including: customer support, transaction surveillance, special analyst team, early detection of fraud, action services and other important services.

As the globalization gains strength, the single European financial system and SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) become a matter of reality for Ukraine and the CIS, whereas the focus is transferred from buying systems to buying services. A higher competition in the financial sector requires both permanent perfection and targeted investments into high tech services in order to keep leading positions in the market, as V. Kutsyy emphasized in his report. Thanks to our long-term work with foreign partners, he noted, we have gained a solid experience in the development of business solution for financial structures, which now becomes highly relevant for both Ukraine and the CIS.

With a good deal of factual information and figures that were presented as persuasive examples, the audience had a chance to recheck that presented offerings combine a high cost efficiency with flexibility, providing for the adaptation in compliance with specific requirements of banks. It is well worth noting that the ability to coordinate processes and competencies in a uniform standard-based way constitutes the guarantee of the quality of migration and conversion processes. What is more, to add to the benefits, a customer is granted the freedom of choice in the selection of services and scope of cooperation, including a flexible price model (down to a minimum number of cards of 2,500 to 3,000).
The audience profile and high professional level of reports were the factors that lead to a success of the Forum in Yalta. This was a common opinion of both organizers and participants. The Forum “Banking Systems & Networks” has clearly demonstrated the increasing readiness of Ukraine and the CIS’ business elite to introduce innovative technologies and to pay for a high quality of advanced IT solutions, successfully tested by Western banks. In turn, Miratech once more declared its readiness to provide relevant high tech services.

Source: Miratech

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