Miratech is turning 21

A ceremony to commemorate the 21th Birthday of Miratech was held on July 16 in Kiev. More than three hundred people came to the event: guests from across the country and overseas, Miratech employees with families, journalists and television crew. The occasion was graced by the presence of the company’s momentous partners, who honored Miratech: Microsoft and Avaya, the largest national mobile communications operator Kyivstar, the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv – the forge of professional IT community.

All in all, the whole story behind this year was about expanding product lines and services that Miratech offers in the market of servicing financial and telecommunications sectors, and expansion of the company’s core businesses. The achievements are best attested by the figures: profits multiplied by three for the second quarter, despite the economic downturn, the company’s headcount was growing during the last year. This is a proud record that Miratech has due to the attitude and conduct of business, which allows each employee to work at full capacity, contributing to the overall success of the company, stressed in his speech Valeriy Kutsyy, Miratech CEO. Addressing the gathering, Dr. Mykola Royenko, President and Founder of Miratech, noted the importance of continuity in the company’s activities: “In late 80s the company pioneered ITO, the first contract was signed in 1989.”

Meanwhile, the celebration was not confined by merely ceremonial part. It was great for bright cultural entertainment, an abundance of exciting contests and competitions, and awarding contestants. The leitmotif of the event was the importance of continuity between generations, preserving the past in the present and sending it into the future. Thus, one of its major highlights was a memorial service award distributed on behalf of the company – the first edition of Miratech photo album, handcrafted by the staff themselves, embodying the memories of more than two decades of the company’s past. There is no doubt that such a gift will be a good welcoming word for newcomers who have just joined the ranks of Miratech, and it will help the old cohort feel the breath of history and liven the memories of “how it all began”!

Historically, activity or event shall be considered come about only if it is reported on the media, and the vital importance of the continuity of traditions in business is unlikely to prove. Therefore, the conclusion of the story about the company’s 21st Birthday wants to recite a quote taken from Anatoly Guzul, who, spotlighting the event on TV, said: “The status of experienced IT Company commits to strive for the highest standards. It is this strategy that Miratech successfully embodies for two decades.

Source: Miratech

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