misoft systems stays connected to the latest trends in IT

During the 21st and the 24th of October misoft systems was present at the last edition of one of the greatest trade shows for the IT industry – SYSTEMS – in Munich. Over 1,000 exhibitors and almost 40,000 visitors were present at the event.

misoft systems introduced the latest version of its own-developed customer relationship management system, CRMWeb, which enables authorized users to manage their accounts, contacts and opportunities effectively over the Internet.

misoft system’s presence in Munich has become a tradition in the past few years. In the IT field, where changes happen fast, participating to the event in one of the leading IT / high-tech centers in the world, means staying connected to the latest IT trends for optimizing business processes.

The organizers of the trade respond to fundamental changes in marketing strategies in the IT sector by replacing SYSTEMS starting with 2009 with a new platform which has a more specialized approach for the participants.

  1. Present Simple Test
  2. Present Progressive Test
  3. Simple and Progressive Test
  4. Simple or Progressive Test
  5. Past simple and Past Progressive Test
  6. Past Progressive Tense
  7. Past Continuous and Simple Past Test
  8. Simple Past and Past Progressive
  9. Used to/would
  10. Used to/would
  11. Test
  12. Test used to/would
  13. Test
  14. Present Perfect and Present Continuous
  15. Tests
  16. Tests1
  17. Tests2
  18. Tests3
  19. Tests4
  20. Tests5
  21. Progressor
  22. Positive
  23. MegaBit
  24. VideoOpt
  25. HeroesATO
  26. Issue Tracker
  27. Romania
  28. Snagit
  29. Mebel
  30. HTML
  31. Conferences
  32. Site address
  33. Gartner
  34. Gartner1
  35. Gartner2
  36. Websummit
  37. Lanyrd
  38. Dataart
  39. Klimat
  40. Cooper
  41. Google translator
  42. IDC Directions
  43. SB-systems
  44. Datagroup
  45. Advego
  46. Web-article
  47. Kurs hruvni
  48. Spisok
  49. Mail.ru
  50. EU Startups

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