MobiFinance. This Is How The Story Went

MobiFinance. This Is How The Story Went

Qulix Systems team members returned from the MobiFinance 2012 conference last week. We are pleased to report the results of the event.

The second cross-sector conference MobiFinance took place in Moscow on 18 April 2012 and addressed various aspects of mobile finance service delivery in Russia, including the current condition and prospects for further development.

The conference brought together 16 leading domestic and foreign companies that presented their services, technologies, and ready-made solutions. There were more than 250 participants – representatives of domestic banks, mobile network carriers, electronic payment system operators, hardware designers and software engineers, and mobile finance service providers.

Conference agenda was filled with presentations and speeches aimed at projecting how such financial services as mobile banking, mobile payments, and NFC payments will evolve and compete in the near future.

Qulix Systems was an active participant of the event, both as an exhibitor and as a speaker. Valery Tikhonovich, Deputy General Manager at Qulix, did a presentation ‘Mobile Banking. How to…’ in which he proposed a short guideline from an IT company’s perspective and described what should be done and considered during a mobile banking solution rollout.

‘It took us a lot of time and trouble to pick the topic of our presentation. On the one hand, it should be a matter of interest to the majority of conference participants; on the other hand, you should speak about the thing you know really well, the thing you are expert at, and… we tried to avoid self-hype.

Russia saw fast and furious start of mobile banking solutions rollout in 2010-2011. Quite a number of banks are working today to explore possible options for launching respective projects, yet they often overlook dozens of things which are important both for themselves and for IT companies.

In our report we gave a short description of process milestones and outlined points to pay extra attention to and points to avoid. The effect produced by the report was a pleasant surprise. Conference participants thanked us sincerely for a simple how-to guide to mobile banking solutions rollout’, mentions Valery.

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