Interesting Facts Behind the TOP Mobile App Trends of 2014

Interesting Facts Behind the TOP Mobile App Trends of 2014

We`ve all seen the predictions and trends for mobile apps in 2014. But there`s something more interesting about this years trends than what meets the eye.

Let`s take a deeper look at four of the trends and get the real story behind them. Let`s discover why these trends are growing and how you can take advantage of them.

1. Even More Mobile Operating Systems Are On Their Way

Believe it or not, we are just at the beginning of the mobile revolution. So it`s important to keep in mind that the mobile OSs you are using today are not going to be the OSs of the future, at least in their current form.

Think about it, the BlackBerry OS has been around for 15 years and is clearly fading away. And the iOS and Android operating systems have been around for 6 years. Even with their success, user expectations and technological advances will drive them out or dramatically change the way they work.

So think to the future. There are operating systems in cars, glasses, and even toys. If you want to think mobile, you have to think of the broader meaning of mobile in the near future.
If Moores Law is at all correct (as it has shown to be), we should see drastic changes in the mobile space very soon.

2. Bigger Demand for Unique, Engaging Content

It`’s hard to keep users interested in your app. But if you can`t retain and engage your users, you won`t be able to make real money in mobile. In fact, only 1 in 4 users actually keep the apps they download. So it’`s important to update your app with unique and engaging content to discourage them from deleting your app.

Engagement and retention rates vary based on the type of app you have. Just update your app content frequently and test to see what works. It’`s the only way to satisfy this growing trend for unique content without losing users and revenue.

3. App Users Won’t Just Be Using Your App

That’`s right folks! As amazing as your mobile app may be, it’`s becoming clear that users prefer apps that interact with their TV, car, and anything else that has their attention at the time.
Although 82% of mobile media time is spent using apps, that doesn`’t mean your users aren’`t splitting that time doing other things.

When building apps for the future, try to create a multi-screen experience. For example, find a way to create a tie in with Smart TV’s to help your users order food or talk about what they’`re watching in your mobile app.

An interesting recent study found that over 52% of mobile owners cited social media as the most critical way to use a mobile device while watching the Super Bowl. Just think about the bump in engagement and revenue if you built a mobile app multi-screen experience.

4. The Beginning of the End for Push Notifications

Oh push notifications, how users hate thee! Push notifications have long been a mobile app marketers dream. It`’s a dead simple, affordable way to send your message to users, even when they don’`t have your app open. As great as push notifications are, push notifications have hit a few speed bumps lately.

There are two main problems right now with push notifications for app makers.

One problem is that more mobile operating systems like iOS are making it easy for users to block the messages. Although this is great for your app users, it’`s not good for the marketers that DEPEND on this tool to get app users back into the app.

In fact, some mobile app developers find that 10% of their users have push notifications blocked on their device and we see no sign of this declining anytime soon.

The other major problem with push notifications is that mobile app users are just tired of them (or at least the spammy ones). According to a Mashable survey, they found that the second most annoying thing for app users are Irrelevant Push Notifications.

Clearly, push notifications will still remain important to user engagement, but in 2014 and beyond it’s no longer acceptable to abuse them or rely on them as the only way to reach out to users.

What do you think about the mobile app trends now that you know more about them? Which trends are you most excited about and how do you plan to take advantage of them?
Let me know in the comments below.

Ashli is the Co-Founder at Joppar. Joppar makes a mobile app CMS that helps teams drag and drop fresh content in their app without App Store approvals or code.

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