MojeBanka – Customer Experience Improvement

MojeBanka – Customer Experience Improvement

The Cleverlance team took part in the successful release in June of Komerční banka’s internet banking applications. They were involved in several projects, the most important of which was MojeBank – customer experience improvement, which resulted in fundamental changes to Komerční banka’s internet banking. The most noticeable of these is the creation of completely new internet banking graphics for the retail segment and the de facto separation of this segment from corporate clientele, which retained the ‘original’ Mojebanka graphics. A high priority for the newly improved service is simple and intuitive control.

The clearly and logically arranged sections provide the client with easy orientation in which necessary functions are quickly found. The client can also arrange the service’s appearance as he wishes. Another great advantage is the accessibility of all important information and functions from the very first webpage. The bank promises that the new design will provide increased satisfaction for regular users of Internet banking and the possibility for more flexible development in the future.

The SCRUM methodology was again used in this supply and it may have been one of the largest projects in Europe in recent years employing this methodology.

The significance of this project for Komerční banka was also testified to by the fact that Komerční banka’s CEO Henri Bonnet personally thanked some of Cleverlance’s project leaders for the high-quality supply and their professional approach.

About Komerční banka, a.s.:

Komerční banka is one of the most effective universal banks in Central Europe. It offers its clients comprehensive services in the area of personal, commercial and investment banking. The 8,669 employees of the Komerční banka group serve 2.67 million clients that can make use of an extensive net of 396 branches throughout the Czech Republic. Komerční banka currently offers 686 ATMs. One of its direct banking channels is being used by over 1 million clients. Komerční banka is a part of the Société Générale Group.

About Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions a. s.

Cleverlance is a leading Czech supplier of IT consultancy services and comprehensive SW solutions for the financial, telecommunications and public sectors. The company primarily provides the support of customer business processes and new services thanks to its effective implementation of software solutions. The Cleverlance team consists of over 400 specialists with knowledge in business consultation and the analysis, design, development and implementation of information systems, project management, testing and QA, information security, technical support and complete outsourcing of information systems. Subsidiaries TrustPort and AEC are expanding their portfolios to include information system security services and state-of-the-art security products. Since 2010, all the companies have operated under the official name of the Cleverlance Group.

Source: Cleverlance

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