To Offer Nearshore IT Services In Europe To Offer Nearshore IT Services In Europe

Interested in reducing costs of IT projects by ordering their execution to a cheaper country but close geographically and culturally? If so, it is you who is targeted by – a new organization offering nearshore IT services, which brings together consultants from leading IT companies in Poland. ( is a new organization that offers nearshore IT services to European firms. The organization acts as an association of consultants from leading companies in Poland that specialize in different IT areas and technologies. The originator and founder of is Fild.NET, an integrator of advanced Microsoft solutions, with extensive experience in implementing nearshore IT projects.

The new organization addresses its offer to companies from all over Europe, which want to reduce the cost of IT projects by having them implemented at the lower-cost countries, but also culturally and geographically close. This form of implementation of IT projects – called nearshoring – has been becoming more and more popular in EU countries for several years.

“The European companies that will outsource IT projects to can expect many benefits. The most important are significantly lower costs while maintaining high standards of service. Important benefits are also associated with our location in the same time zone and a similar culture. This facilitates communication, also thanks to a possibility of holding personal meetings at key stages of a project. All these help us to better understand customer requirements, facilitates problem solving, and subsequently contributes to efficient and timely implementation of IT projects” – says Andrzej Biesiekirski, CEO of Fild.NET and the founder of

The offer of includes: technology consulting, focusing on advanced Microsoft solutions (such as BizTalk, SharePoint, SQL, Lync, Project Server, Dynamics CRM) and Oracle solutions (such as Oracle E-Business Suite), custom software development, business software extensions and integration, as well as modernization of applications used in companies. Consultants forming work every day in Fild.NET, as well as in several other experienced in conducting nearshore and offshore IT projects Polish companies, such as DahliaMatic and LGBS. Their experience includes implementation of nearhore and offshore IT projects for companies such as: ABB, Skandia, Airbus Military, Vatennfall, Opel. The’s consultants are also certified and recommended contractors of IT projects implemented by the world’s leading IT companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and HP.

According to the Everest’s report – entitled “Market Vista Location Heatmap” (October, 2011) – Poland is one of the five most mature outsourcing countries for investment in the world, among Brazil, China, Philippines and India. The report’s authors stress that Poland has all the characteristics of an ideal place for offshoring projects, including in particular those based on knowledge, such as IT projects.


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