Musala Soft Just Became 100 at Skopje

Musala Soft Just Became 100 at Skopje

Musala Soft celebrated the 100th employee at its office in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

The company’s team has more than 400 professionals in Sofia, Ruse, Burgas, Republic of  Bulgaria, and Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

The experts of Musala Soft work with multinational companies and governmental institutions around the world on challenging innovative projects, incorporating the latest technologies and concepts for software development.

Musala Soft‘с office in Skopje is the second largest after its headquarter, located in Sofia.

The company continues its rapid growth, planning expansion up to 1,000 employees in 2020. Macedonia is an important part of this process – over the next three years Musala Soft plans to has 300 employees in Skopje.

Special guests at the event were HE Ivan Petkov, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Macedonia and Prof. Dr. Ivan Chorbev, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Engineering “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University – Skopje.

“When we came in Skopje in 2015, it was a completely new adventure, though next door. Skopje is our first development location outside Bulgaria and as every first time it has its special charm. You know, on the Balkans we have history of peaceful living together but also history of conflicts. People have warned us about “cultural differences”. But now, when I know Macedonia better and Musala Soft is here for more than an year, I believe the best way to overcome the differences and the strongest base for peaceful Balkans and a peaceful world in the long run is working together – creating economic relations. We had big plans for Macedonia, we knew they were ambitious, but all our background checks showed we have good chances to be successful: the most important part and absolutely crucial for our business are the people, we knew there are good IT professionals in Skopje before starting the operation. What we did not know at that point was – will these people become part of the Musala Soft culture. One year later, I can proudly say we not only found you – 100 wonderful individuals, we found a TEAM in Skopje that is part of the TEAM of Musala Soft! “ 

– Elena Marinova, President of Musala Soft said.

“I am happy to see so many young, prosperous and dedicated people working at Musala Soft.” 

– said HE Ivan Petkov.

He pointed out the importance and the growing of the IT market in general and that working in this industry brings value to the economic growth and progress in the country. He expressed the importance of ‘“learning” and its effect on the further development in each person as an individual. 

“Furthermore, with the opening of office in Skopje, Musala Soft showed that there are no barriers between Macedonia and Bulgaria and the bridge between the two countries has been built.” 

– HE Ivan Petkov added.

At the end, he wished many success in the future and expressed hope to see even more happy and smiling faces.

Professor Ivan Chorbev, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Engineering of  “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University – Skopje. (FINKI) couldn’t hide the fact that he is happy with the results that Musala Soft achieved so far.

He remembered the very first speech at the University when Musala was about to start its journey in Skopje.

Again, he was proud to see his students became prosperous, happy, and passionate about their job in the IT field. Standing in front of the audience full smiling faces he wished a fruitful year ahead.

Musala Soft showed a difference to the development of the IT business in Macedonia. I am proud that our students have the opportunity to develop professionally in Musala Soft with passion and to share knowledge as a part of a large multinational teams and projects. “ 

– said Professor Ivan Chorbev.

Alexander Ubavkov Site Manager – Skopje added: 

“Being in the first 3 people, I remember when the office was small but with big plans and ideas ahead. Now, when there are 100 people working at Musala Soft Skopje… we’ll not stop here. We’ll continue to grow and progress and make even better working environment for our people.”

Elena Marinova thanked HE Ivan Petkov, The Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Macedonia for his invaluable advice and assistance on the political, legal and administrative processes in the country.

She expressed gratitude to Professor Ivan Chorbev for his efforts and excellence in training the next IT generation in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as HE Marian Gjorcev, Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in the Republic of Bulgaria for his insights, stories and warm attitude.

Elena Marinova expressed gratitude to Alexander Ubavkov Site Manager – Skopje for being the main pillar of the Skopje office.


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