Musala Soft Sponsor of IT Boxing Championship

On 11th of December, at Park-Hotel Moscow in Sofia, the unique event IT Boxing Championship took place, as an open debate between leading specialists in the area of .NET and Java. The topic was: “Which platform is better?” in regard with the technologies for data base access and relational mapping. Musala Soft was sponsor of the encounter, organized by the Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD).

The main goal of the IT Boxing Championship was the exchange of experience among specialist in the IT field, by presenting an unusual opportunity where to discuss the new tendencies in the field of .NET and Java platforms. After presentation of the topics, the event transformed into a discussion: “Which platform is better?” and culminated with a direct clash with inflatable boxing gloves. At the event were present eminent Bulgarian lecturers in the .NET and Java areas, who have serious theoretical and professional background.

Musala Soft, in addition to being a sponsor, participated with two referees, Stanimir Boychev – Managing Partner at the company and Nikolay Todorov – team lead. They supervised for the rules to be followed and succeeded in keeping the atmosphere stable.

All the people, present at the IT Boxing Championship received special New Year presents from Musala Soft.

Source: Musala Soft

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