S&T: Securing the National Borders of Croatia

S&T contracts a EUR 5 million project for modern border control.

S&T and the Central Financing and Contracting Agency (CFCA) have signed a contract valued EUR 5 million for the delivery of a sophisticated solution for 28 Croatian border crossings. The project has been financed by IPA.

Croatia is a role model in securing borders. It realized a National Border Management Information System (NBMIS) that was launched by the European Commission three years ago. CFCA serves as the implementation agency bearing responsibility for projects funded by the European Union.

The system implemented in the year 2007 strictly complies with EU guidelines about the personal identification of travel documents and fingerprints. In this third phase, the solution linked to the Schengen System will be updated and modernized. The project – won by S&T – is the continuation of the original project implemented three years ago.

S&T Croatia was chosen in a public competition as the service provider with the most comprehensive solution that fully satisfies all required criteria. The purpose of the agreement is to supply a “complete solution“, including hardware, software, installation, integration, testing and training. The National Border Management Information System will be completely compatible with the equipment installed during the first two stages of the project.

The implementation involves re-factoring, re-modulating, design renewal and enhancement of features for the modernization of the current implementation of NBMIS. The solution includes the upgrade and functional extension of the existing system as well as the development of a mobile NBMIS application.

The deadline for the final implementation of the project has been set for the beginning of 2012. Delivering a comprehensive solution to equip 28 new border crossings and upgrade the existing central information system will improve the efficiency of the border police as well as the security of Croatia and the EU.

The application ensures the highest quality and therefore fulfills all requirements and targets. All elements implemented in the project comply with ISO standards.

Source: S&T
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