Nearshore vs. Offshore: Finding Higher Value in IT Outsourcing. September 30, 2010. Chicago, IL

Start: September 30, 2010
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In the last few years, nearshore outsourcing has become a red hot industry with countries like Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina emerging as attractive destinations for IT services delivery. As a result, forward-looking IT leaders have seized the value of similar time zones and physical proximity to accelerate outsourced functions like software development, Q/A testing and remote infrastructure management.

But is Nearshore outsourcing for everyone – and most importantly, is it right for your organization?

You won’t want to miss this timely discussion, sponsored by Nearshore Americas – an independent web-magazine dedicated to Nearshore IT sourcing and Stefanini, a leading IT services provider based in Brazil.

All attendees will receive a $50 travel voucher for attending.

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Kirk Laughlin is founder and editorial director of Nearshore Americas, the leading online news magazine dedicated to IT services and outsourcing in the Americas. He has served in a variety of strategic roles during his 18-year career in tech journalism and media management. Previously, he was Vice President and Managing Director at Ziff Davis Events.

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