Nelt Implements SAP Business Software

Nelt Implements SAP Business Software

Strategic investment decision relies on S&T expertise

S&T Serbia was awarded a contract for the implementation of SAP business software by the company Nelt Co, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) distributor. Nelt made the decision to implement SAP in accordance with its strategy to expand its business activities with new partners both on existing and new markets.

This contract represents one of the biggest SAP projects in Serbia in the past several years, and will cover the whole scope of Neltґs business operations.

Nelt decided to implement this global solution as a tool for improving and enhancing of business operations, and subsequently the quality of services. The new business solution will provide strong support to Nelt in establishing top standards in its extremely competitive sector. It will also help the company to maintain its long-term market leadership position.

Milos Jelić, General Manager of Nelt, explains why the company has chosen SAP and S&T as its implementation partner: “Due to the continuous development and expansion of our business activities with new partners both on existing and new markets (Africa), the need arose to replace the existing IT system with a solution that can fully back our strategy of sustainable expansion, the improvement of our business operations and all related processes.

After a thorough analysis, we chose SAP, a global leader in this field, whose solutions fully meet our high standards and expectations. We chose S&T Serbia as our implementation partner, confident that it has the experience and know-how to successfully carry out this important project for Nelt.”

Successful partnership

SAP business software offers greater flexibility and efficiency – by providing comprehensive, accurate and timely information from the point of sale, integrated data about customers, faster and more efficient data exchange and communication among business units. This will, among other things, provide a definition and monitoring of all costs – thus facilitating the process of cost reduction and making the right decisions.

S&T leverages its deep industry knowledge, best practices and expertise in implementing SAP, some of the key reasons why it was chosen to be Nelt’s implementation partner.

”We extremely appreciate the fact that Nelt has entrusted S&T Serbia to carry out this important project. It will be a great challenge for us combining our deep understanding of customer needs, our expertise and know-how in this sector as well as our exceptional experience in implementing complex and large ERP projects.

However, we are confident that Nelt will get an innovative business solution based on state-of-the-art global standards that will enable them to securely move ahead to further business success in the future”, says Predrag Vraneљ, Country Manager of S&T Serbia.

Source: S&T

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