The Head of the International Telecommunication Union will participate in Network and Information Security Conference in Vilnius

Start: November 15, 2007
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On 21-22 November 2007 in Vilnius already the third European Network and Information Security Conference Cooperation to Enhance Security in Cyber Environment is to take place. The overall objective of the conference is to introduce global initiatives in the sphere of network and information security, discuss increasingly-dangerous cyber threats as well measures and ways to protect from them, share global experience. An important event of the Conference will be Dr. Hamadoun Toure‘s, International Telecommunication Union(ITU)Secretary-General’s, key note on policy issues of cyber environment security. It is the first ITU Secretary-General’s visit in Lithuania.

The dissemination of information and electronic content, creation of knowledge society are not only much promising processes, but also a tough challenge, which demands focused effort and approval and active engagement of the generic society. It is vitally important to promote the consumer confidence in cyberspace and its advantages and to seek, by all possible means, that this confidence was not mined by inappropriate, irresponsible or malicious actions.

Neither country borders nor country importance in the international arena can protect from cybercrimes. Therefore, it should be internationally responded to these crimes. Today, the most topical issues of the worldwide internet society are the Internet, electronic network and information security, personal data and information protection, children security on the internet. How to ensure security in the cyber environment – such will be the main topic of the Conference.

During the conference the presentations will made by various international organisations, European Commission and European Network and Information Security Agency included, public organisations, state institutions and representatives of large IT companies. The event is organised by the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and European Network and Information Security Agency.


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