New company in Slovakia to provide fixed network services

New company in Slovakia to provide fixed network services

O2 Czech Republic is establishing a subsidiary in Slovakia to provide fixed network services, focusing on business customers.

Its range will subsequently be complemented by the addition of mobile voice services. The new company will be set up by former employees of Benestra (originally GTS).

The newly established company will use also wireless technology on the recently acquired frequencies in the band 3.7 GHz. The company plans to extend the fibre-optic metropolitan networks in Bratislava and other big cities.

O2 Czech Republic wants to offer unified services to business customers both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The new subsidiary will be managed from 01 June by Stanislav Molcan as country manager.

The technology part of the project will be managed by Juraj Elias, strategy and products by Juraj Durov, and finance by Marek Kottman. O2 Czech Republic will be represented by the business customers director, Vit Subert.

Source: Online News

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