A New Service by Bianor Integrates Customer Voice Communications with Salesforce.com

Scribe2go, extracts and organizes the information contained within your calls with customers, stores it in Salesforce.com, and makes it easily accessible and searchable. scribe2go targets the mobile salesperson offering the promise of better productivity, complete customer interaction history, and improved call follow-up tracking.

The mobile software developer Bianor announced the availability of a sales management tool that integrates corporate mobile communication with Salesforce.com.

scribe2go tracks each mobile call to a business contact or lead, automatically transcribes it into text and stores all data under the relevant records in the Salesforce.com account.

scribe2go frees salespeople to focus on selling while they are on the move, safe in the knowledge that their CRM will be automatically updated in real-time. The business solution keeps complete history of customer voice communications improving the completeness and accuracy of customer interaction history data. The service offers the unique benefit of making the content of voice conversations as easily searchable as the Internet.

“scribe2go is dedicated to make digital meaning of the important information we all exchange with customers and partners over the mobile phone,” Kostadin Jordanov, Bianor CEO said. “In this information we see great opportunities to improve sales teams productivity,” Jordanov added.

Besides extracting and storing conversation data, scribe2go improves the visibility of the sales process by providing real-time sales activity data and comprehensive reporting on past sales activities.

Source: Bianor

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