One-fifth of all businesses now use IT outsourcing, expert claims

Up to a fifth of all businesses have now offloaded their IT departments to an IT outsourcing provider, it has been claimed.

Writing for Fresh Business Thinking, industry commentator Claire West said it is “an emerging trend” for companies to ditch their own data centres and migrate to the private cloud.

She said that business leaders do not want to waste time and capital building their own IT infrastructures and are happily embracing managed services.

“There is no longer a need for companies to create their own data centres when they can make better use of someone else’s,” Ms West stated.

“The pressure for enterprises to migrate to the private cloud as data volume increases and the need for heightened levels of security augments will only increase.”

David Bradshaw, European Software-as-a-Service and cloud services research manager at IDC, recently claimed that IT outsourcing helps relieve firms of technology pressures.

Source: ihotdesk

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