Ontotext sponsored Semantic Web Summit East

Bulgarian semantic technology company Ontotext, a part of Sirma Group Holding, sponsored one of the leading world events in the semantic web technology area – Semantic Web Summit East exhibition. The event took place on 16-17 of November in Boston, U.S. gathering the professional community of this relatively new segment, opening interesting discussions and placing important questions concerning current Semantic Web technologies business application and their future development.

Matthew Petrillo, Ontotext Business Development Director for North America, presented at the event the company component approach to integrating text analysis with semantic data structures for sustainable data management at a fraction of the time and effort associated with legacy data integration projects.

“This exhibition was a good place to discuss the semantic technologies in use at real-world scale for the BBC, the UK National Archives, and Astra Zeneca.” said Matthew. He also  presented the new releases of Ontotext core platforms, including BigOWLIM and KIM.

Source: Sirma Group

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