Ontotext with a Lecture at Gate Summer School

Ontotext with a Lecture at Gate Summer School

This year’s Gate Summer School will feature a lecture by Ontotext’s Solutions Architect Dr. Barry Norton on Semantic Technology and Linked Open Data: Basics, Tools, and Applications.

The training event will take place between 18-22 June 2012 in Sheffield, UK.

Dr. Norton’s lecture will be held on Friday, 22nd of June 2012 and it’s scheduled in Track 4, Module 13:

In the first part of the talk Dr. Norton will give introductions to RDF, OWL and Linked (Open) Data. He will then talk about Semantic Annotation with Linked Data, and Semantic Search, given examples from Ontotext-partnered commercial solutions and from Ontotext-supported developments over Linked Open Data.

You can read more about the Semantic Annotations here: http://www.ontotext.com/kim/semantic-annotation

GATE is an open source platform for text analysis and language engineering. The core GATE team from the University of Sheffield has been developing and maturing the platform since 1995; with over 50 thousand engineers and linguists experienced in GATE, it qualifies as today’s most popular text analysis platform.

Source: Ontotext

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