Open Source and Linux Conference

Open Source and Linux Conference
Start: September 16, 2017
Venue: Nivki-hall
Address: Peremohy Ave, 84, Kyiv, Ukraine
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The OSDN Conference is a non-commercial, volunteer-organized event centered on free and open-source software. It is geared towards users, developers and anyone interested in the free and open-source software movement. The OSDN Conference aims to enable developers and users to meet and promote the awareness and use of free and open-source software. The OSDN Conference is held annually since 2002, usually at the end of September in Kyiv, Ukraine.

It’s a great opportunity to meet speakers from Intel,, MariaDB, Percona, CNCF/Linux Foundation. Submitted talks cover such topics as a Linux kernel development, containers, databases, and DevOps.

Participation is free of charge with pre-registration.



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