Optimizing Your Outsourcing Relationship

Optimizing Your Outsourcing Relationship

The quality of your outsourcing relationship can mean the difference between meeting your company’s objectives or not maximizing the value of your investment.  In this webinar you will find information to help you and your company to find out:

•     How can you get the most out of your outsourcing relationship?
•     Are you planning to outsource and wondering how to optimize the provider relationship?
•     Find out what is the Outsourcing Relationship Pyramid.
•     Find out the top 10 tips for optimizing the relationship with the provider.
•     Find out which level of the relationship pyramid you are at on the Outsourcing Relationship Pyramid.
•     Understand what relationship level you should be on based on the objectives you wish to achieve from your outsourcing project.

Our expert speaker:
Rakesh Sangani, Partner, Proservartner


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    In today’s highly competitive market and rapidly changing economy, businesses must continually make choices if they are to survive, choices that set themselves apart from the pack. Consequently, some of the most important choices a company must make are strategic and are the responsibility of management. For this reason, taking into consideration the current business environment where the creation of value in the eyes of the customer and the shareholder is paramount, it is nearly impossible to survive without outsourcing some part of the business. However, outsourcing is not a risk-free adventure. Two of the most substantial risks that companies face when outsourcing to a manufacturing contractor is creating a competitor and counterfeiting. Thus, the objectives of this research are to determine the risks that companies have encountered when outsourcing their manufacturing, specifically focusing on the current academic literature, case studies and empirical data, then propose a framework for evaluating and mitigating those risks.

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