OST Chooses Damas. Market Management System by Czech-based Unicorn Systems to Manage the Albanian Energy Market

OST Chooses Damas. Market Management System by Czech-based Unicorn Systems to Manage the Albanian Energy Market

OST, the Albanian transmission system operator, has chosen Damas – a software solution by Czech-based Unicorn Systems – as its market management system for the electricity market.

OST intends is to take a lead in European harmonisation and integration initiatives in the region. Its day-to-day work in the harsh conditions of the dramatically changing landscape of the Balkan energy industry is affected by a number of external factors: transformation of transmission system operators, liberalisation of energy markets, wider cooperation among national systems, convergence to the European Union and its legislation, and last but not least standardisation under the auspices of ENTSO-E.

Damas is an established, widely recognised market management system* and a large number of European transmission system operators have opted for this information system. In competitive tenders, Czech developers regularly beat industry leaders from Germany, France, or the US.

Damas will provide OST with a comprehensive portfolio of management processes for the electricity market. It will calculate available capacities at cross-border lines and hold capacity auctions, support the process of entering cross-border and domestic nominations, book and purchase the energy necessary to balance any differences between generation and consumption across the grid, and calculate deviations of market participants’ actual consumption or generation from their plans and manage settlement of their imbalance.

OST will introduce a number of processes for the first time, so their exact forms are yet to be defined. To facilitate this, the company will take advantage of the experience and know-how of Unicorn Systems’ special consultants, which go far beyond the ICT industry.

The new information system is being introduced to the production environment only gradually, with the first component successfully deployed in September 2016.

Unicorn Systems is a leading vendor of information systems for the electric energy industry. Damas owes its success against fierce competition to its qualities and features, as well as the substantial experience of its consultants in the energy industry and integration of similar systems. Additionally, there is the important role of support provided by an established company with an impressive track record and numerous references from successful international projects.

Damas is just one of the products and services for the energy industry developed by Unicorn Systems. Other information systems the company offers support communication among European operators; provide gathering, consolidation, and transparent interchange of information on the condition of each grid; ensure safe power supply with grid simulations based on the grid condition, consumption and generation plans; and provide support for energy trading and forecasts of actual energy generation and consumption.

Elton B. Radheshi, Head of Market Administration Unit, OST, said:

“We have set high goals. Such a demanding market, affected by dozens of factors, offers no room for mistakes. So, OST’s search for strong and experienced partner was not easy. We are happy that our first practical experience shows we have chosen well.”

Jan Konrád, International Service Director, Unicorn Systems, said:

“Despite ample experience from similar projects, once again we face a challenge for our entire development and consulting team. It is not just that we wish to do our work well. We would also like to reaffirm and spread the great name of Czech ICT specialists all over the world.”

*market management system = a system designed for market management, i.e. a system for transmission system administrators. The primary task of MMS systems is to support management of energy markets, including system, transmission, and settlement services. System services provide balancing of the system using ancillary services, regulation energy activation, and more. Transmission services manage cross-border, maximising the utilisation of available power line capacity. Settlement services involve transmission evaluation and settlement.

About OST sh.a.

Transmission System of Electricity in Albania is run by the Transmission System Operator (OST a.s.), a public company with 100% state-owned shares. TSO was created on 14/07/2004, as a result of the reform and the separation of the Albanian Power Corporation, a vertically organized company with functions of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, in three separate companies. OST performs Transmission System Operator and Market Operator and owns the Transmission System.


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