Innowise Group Is Included in the 2022 Global Outsourcing 100 List by IAOP

IAOP Global Outsourcing List 2022

Innowise Group is a team of creative and talented professionals who understand the importance of quality work. In over 15 years of providing software solutions, the company has worked on 600+ projects and contributed greatly to many companies’ success. The team’s priority is to provide all their clients with the most compelling technological solutions to make them highly competitive and profitable in their respective business areas.

The company’s efforts have recently been recognized by IAOP, which annually generates research to help companies make outsourcing decisions. This time, Innowise Group is honored to be included in its Global Outsourcing 100 – the annual listing of the world’s best outsourcing service providers that unites leaders and rising stars as well as providers and advisors. Innowise Group is highlighted there as a Rising Star and recognized as a top company for Customer References, Programs for Innovation, and Programs for Corporate Social Responsibility.

The team values each individual they work with and for – their colleagues, partners, and end customers. At Innowise Group, they heed and respect each other and openly discuss complex issues. Such an approach enables the company to create both a favorable working environment as well as effective products. Their client’s feedback best illustrates the team’s commitment: Innowise Group Client Reviews | And IAOP marked their efforts in this regard.

Innowise Group was acknowledged for its Programs for innovations, and it’s not surprising. Their team solves IT problems of any complexity and scale, always following the highest standards of coding quality and the team’s philosophy of sharing wise innovations. Their cross-functional teams (developers, designers, BA, QA) are actively involved in product development and suggest various options to bring the best value to both the company’s clients and end-users.

At Innowise Group, the specialists take a long-term approach to balancing their working responsibilities and social priorities to support the company’s primary mission and philosophy – We Develop the World. The team is guided by a mission not only in software development but also in their attitude to the social, economic, educational, and environmental life of their communities and the world as a whole. Corporate responsibility is not a formality but an integral part of Innowise Group’s corporate strategy, and the fact that is was highlighted in the Corporate Social Responsibility category states that the team is on its way.

The company is so delighted that its efforts have been noticed and recognized. The team of Innowise Group is grateful to everyone who helps them be as great as they are. The 2022 Global Outsourcing 100 list and sub-lists are now published at Feel free to explore it.

Source: Innowise Group

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