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A subset of outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves contracting the operations and responsibilities through a third party service provider. From the last couple of years, the BPO industry has evolved as the most substantial sector in the Indian market. India has emerged as the most favored location for all BPO services across the globe. This has accelerated the Indian economy to the heights, progressively boosting the statistics depicting the growth in the years to come. It has been however forecast that by 2020, more than 80% of the world of business process outsourcing services will be served by the Indian companies. Marked as the best place to attain superior quality services globally, the BPO industry is strengthening its foundation in India.

With the changing needs of the country, call centers across the country are mushrooming as a quality service provider in outsourcing solutions. Acknowledged for its skilled manpower and state-of-the-art technological support, Indian BPO call centers are generating maximum profit for its clients. In fact, the customer care service of the industry has been setting benchmark ever it became synonymous with the industry.

With language always seen as a major obstruction in the overall growth, many BPO firms have made a strong attempt towards offering BPO services in multiple languages. This has motivated the clients to enable marketers to approach the masses effortlessly. Several factors have contributed to the success of call centers in India. What are they? Let’s take a quick look then.

Progressive infrastructure
Considered as the fastest growing nations in the world, India has turned out to be a popular and favorable hub for major MNCs around the world to set up their BPO segments. These organizations not only outsource service requirements to the local companies but also hire manpower to handle its business operations as well extending help to their partners residing anywhere in India or abroad.

Lower per capita income
Although a developing nation, India has skilled and well-educated manpower in abundance that can be employed at subsidized wages. Since the labor cost is considerably high in the developed nations, majority of organizations from the developed countries find India as a perfect destination to fulfill their outsourcing needs, thereby, leading to the establishment of massive BPO call centers. Their prime focus has always been the youth where hiring is concerned as they want to reap maximum benefits in the shortest possible time.

Quick adaptability to alien culture and style
Indians are quite flexible in nature and can easily adapt themselves to the working style and new culture. Therefore, the foreign consumers find immense familiarity in India that makes them comfortable to carry outsourcing needs at ease, therefore, making India a hotspot for service seekers across the globe.

Mammoth youth power
India has always been the land of education. So, it may not be surprising to know that around 60 percent of educated Indians are actually youth. Equipped with professional graduate degrees and comparatively good English speaking ability, most of them are employed in multinational companies and other business outsourcing vendors situated in India. This has proved to be a major reason, which is offering an exceptional hike to the BPO services.

Off-shoring activities like customer services uses up the available manpower in India, providing an extensive range of call center services like customer care, live phone support, IVR, email response in a bilingual or multi-lingual mode.

With the presence of a call center steadily becoming a necessity, catering to the global demand has become a pre-requisite. Indian firms are opening up BPO call centers not only in the metropolitan cities but also in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. The gradual realization of the importance of a BPO is actually dawning in the minds of the corporate giants, which is further motivating India to expand its ability to meet their demands each time.

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