Outsourcing in Bulgaria 2011: What is no obvious

Outsourcing in Bulgaria 2011: What is no obvious

BulPros a leading IT and BPO consulting provider in Bulgaria took part in the conference „Outsourcing in Bulgaria 2011: What is no obvious” which gathered leaders in the field on 20th April 2011 to present the trends in the sector, opportunities for development in the country and benefits for the business from process outsourcing in various spheres of activity.

The conference also emphasized on the benefits and risks, costs and best practices that are important to potential clients and management of the companies.

Ivaylo Slavov in his capacity of General Manager of BulPros presented his view on the topic “Benefits and risks of an outsourcing partnership and optimal business solutions”.

The event was organized by the Bulgarian Business Daily specialized in business financial news and analyses – Pari. The newspaper is published by Business Media Group AD part of the Swedish media group Bonnier Business Press.

BulPros is a company which provides customized solutions with a focus on IT and BPO consulting, Software development, System integration, Technical and Customer support.


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