F&A Outsourcing – Prices are Dropping. Are You Overpaying? April 21, 2011

Start: April 21, 2011
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Most companies that outsourced a portion of their finance and accounting (F&A) functions in the early-to-mid 2000′s generated great savings, but are probably overpaying now for the service levels they are receiving.

More than $2 billion dollars of outsourcing contracts will expire in the next 12 months, and sourcing buyers need to determine how best to proceed – either to aggressively negotiate with their providers to increase service levels and decrease prices, or go to market.

The best way to get market terms is to understand where your deal is compared to the market by benchmarking your contract.

In this webinar Alsbridge, a leading F&A sourcing advisor, and ProBenchmark, the acknowledged market leader in BPO benchmarking, will describe the F&A outsourcing market and the role of benchmarking in ensuring that service provider contracts remain competitive in an increasingly cost focused market.

Participants of this eSeminar will learn:

  • Recent price trends in F&A pricing
  • Recent case studies on F&A benchmarks
  • Pricing mechanisms for F&A servicesBest Practices for benchmarking
  • F&A transactions

Who Should Attend

    This seminar will provide important information for CIOs, CFOs, sourcing executives, IT consultants and business services executives


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