IT Outsourcing Services: Why Ukraine? – Infographic

IT Outsourcing Services: Why Ukraine? – Infographic

Ukraine is the largest Eastern European country supplying IT outsourcing services all over the world.

Over 5 years, its outsourcing sector has been constantly evolving striving to be among top outsourcing destinations.

Now, Ukraine has a highly developed IT market represented by 3 600 ICT providers and over 1 000 IT companies.

Its untapped human capital is annually strengthened by over 20 000 IT engineering graduates from 803 higher education institutions.

Its IT talent belongs to Top 3 certified IT professionals globally and is recognized #1 software engineering force in Central and Eastern Europe.

Here is a new infographic from Skelia that can tell you more about the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine. Check it out and find the latest data below.

Source: Skelia
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