Outsourcing. Yes or No?

Outsourcing. Yes or No?

You know that you work in a great company, you know that you provide high quality service, you know that you yourself perform your duties with maximum efficiency, but all this will not work if you don’t know who your client is, what their need is, and what the best offer for them is.

Understanding this our team has decided to make the questionnaire to have clearer view about our potential clients and their thoughts about outsourcing.

We engaged hundreds of respondents and we managed to gather very useful data for us. And we are happy to share this information with everybody ‘Cause our aim in [bvblogic] company is to contribute to the development of Ukrainian IT and IT in general.

We have found out that around 80% of the respondents are involved in software development regularly or sometimes:

45,6% of them do all the development onsite, but 82,1% have tried outsourcing before.

It is great to know that IT outsourcing is gaining popularity.

It was very interesting to find out, with what programming languages the most companies work. We were happy to see that technologies we are working with are on the top of the programming languages, that are mostly needed.

Probably the most important questions for us were those, which help us to understand why they prefer onsite or remote work.

We tried to understand, what the main client needs are while working with remote team. We wanted to know, if we do our best in this area and if we can improwe some aspects.

Happily, all these things totally are not a problem for our company. We are always glad to communicate with our clients, to discuss their needs, to share with them our clients references or to do some test task. All of this is our everyday work and it makes us happy.

And we are proud to be one of the top destinations for outsourcing, we think that it shows great expertise and professionalism in IT in our region.

We hope that this survey will help better to understand each other and to find the common grounds of future cooperation. Knowing your customer is knowing your business, knowing your business is achieving the mutual benefits.

We are thankful to everyone who took part and helped us to gather such useful information!

Source: [bvblogic]

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